Mysterious You

by Audrey Hatcher Woodhams

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Audrey's 4th album, including songs "Evidence" and "Spirit Move." Produced by Stephen Leiweke, released 2006.


released September 1, 2006

Produced by Stephen Leiweke.



all rights reserved


Audrey Woodhams Boulder, Colorado

Dove Award-nominated songwriter and worship leader Audrey Woodhams releases her 5th album, A Thousand Different Colors, after 4 years of living and writing in Zurich, Switzerland. This new album concentrates on hope, healing, and seeing God in new ways – all inspired from the diversity of nature, culture, and people she experienced while living abroad with her husband and two small children. ... more

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Track Name: Evidence
Stepped out on the porch on a warm summer night
To hear the crickets singing their love songs
I look up at the stars shining their light
Declaring Your praises all night long

And there was a time when I never noticed
Now I'm wondering how I missed this

Evidence of Your glory
All around me, all around
So beautiful, too wonderful for me
This evidence, evidence of Your glory, yeah

Sat down to lunch with a couple of friends
Reminiscing about the old days
And all the things we worried about back then
Are now stories that prove Your faithful ways


Track Name: Spirit Move
You are the air
I breathe You in
You fill me and everything all around
And when You move
You are the wind
Breathing life into the dust on the ground

Sometimes You are a gentle breeze
Sometimes You bring me down to my knees
But still You'll find me praying please, please…

Spirit move
Move in me
Come fulfill all that was spoken
Move in power
Set me free
Come restore all that was stolen
Spirit move

There in the dark
Before the age
You hovered over the face of the deep
Now in the light
All that was made
Searches for the mysteries that You keep

You speak in parables and dreams
I know I don't know all that it means
Still this will be the song I sing, oh…


Move in power
Set me free
Come restore all that was stolen

Track Name: Liars and Thieves
We are a rabble of liars and thieves
Drunkards and scalawags
Dead-beats and losers
Failures, abusers
Covered in rags.

We are a mob full of anger and pride
Selectively deaf and blind
Dropouts and quitters
Traitors, pretenders
Sinners of all kinds.

We are making our way to the river
We are diving down deep in the flood
We are coming up clean and forgiven
Liars and thieves washed in the blood.

He is our faithful savior
Filling our cups with His wine
Cleaning our faces
Giving us graces
Dressing us fine.

Oh, and He is our humble shepherd
Seeing and hearing our pain
Healing, confiding
Leading and guiding
Hiding our shame.


We are making our way
We are diving down deep
We are coming up clean
Liars and thieves…

Track Name: Let Me Hear Your Voice
What I really want
Is for the voices in my mind to go to sleep
And for all the noise that's been distracting me
To quiet down

And what I really hope
Is that I'll endure the silence long enough
To be around when You finally speak up
That gentle sound

Oh, let me hear Your voice
Let me hear Your voice
Rumbling like thunder
Tender as a lover
Let me hear Your voice

For all I really seek
Is to hear You say that You have heard my cry
For Your words to fall like manna from the sky
To feed my soul

For all I really need
Is to enter deep into Your dwelling place
To kneel before You as You teach me Your ways
Your word is life

(chorus 2)

Let me hear You, let me hear You,
Let me hear Your voice
(rpt. 1x)
Track Name: Mysterious You
Sometimes things don't go like I thought they would
I end up feeling confused and misunderstood
Faith is only the voice reminding me
You are good

Sometimes I think I've got it all figured out
And then my world takes an unexpected turnabout
I find myself struggling with all those
same old doubts

Oh I know You
But who are You
And I see You
But where are You

Mysterious You
You know I'm hanging on for the ride
Mysterious truth
You know I'm (just) hanging on for life

Cause when an easy answer won't suffice
In the moments when to praise you is a sacrifice
Somehow still I know your way is worth the price

Oh I'm living
But I'm dying
And I'm falling
But I'm flying


Cause sometimes things don't go like I thought they would But I'm hanging on for life
Track Name: Oh Jesus
Oh Jesus
I am weary
I've been holding up and holding on so long
I'm so tired
And so lonely
And everybody round here needs me to be strong

Oh Jesus
I am fearful
Deep down I'm afraid that I'm not good enough
All this pressure
I have ears full
And I can't help but wonder if I measure up

I'm trying follow
Trying to be true
All I feel is hollow
Crying out to you
Oh Jesus.

Oh Jesus
I've been foolish
Yeah, I have managed to make my share of mistakes
Oh, I know now I can't do this
Without you and an awful lot of grace

I'm trying follow
Trying to be true
I just feel so hollow
Holding on to you
Oh Jesus.

Oh Jesus
Won't you hold me
Wrap me up and keep me warm all though the night
Gently whisper while I sleep
That you're here and everything will be alright
Yeah, you're here and everything will be alright
Oh, Jesus
Track Name: Surrounded
Why should I be discouraged?
And why should I be afraid
When my God is on my side?
My God is on my side

And He goes before me
He stands behind me
He watches over all my ways
And He walks beside me
He lives within me
I am surrounded in His embrace
Surrounded in His embrace

Why should I feel forsaken?
And why should I feel alone
When my God is on my side?
Yes, my God is on my side

Track Name: I Hear You
I made the earth and sky.
I make the eagles fly.
(And) My arm is not to short to save you.
But how easily you fret.
How quickly you forget
All the promises I made you.

I see the sparrow fall.
I'm mindful of it all.

You cry help me and I hear you.
You cry help me and I'll rescue.
You know I know your need before you call.
When you need me I will provide.
When you need me I'm by your side.
You know I'm never gonna let you fall.
You cry help me and I hear you.

You've tried it on your own.
You've tried to walk alone.
But I've always been right there beside you.
You've turned to me for help.
You know there's no one else.
I am the One who will revive you.

Cast all your care on me.
Trust and believe.


I see the sparrow fall.
I'm mindful of it all.

Track Name: You're Beautiful
You're beautiful. I know it well
For all creation lives to tell
From ocean depths to mountain peaks
You're wondrous works cry "Glory!"

All I behold is just the start
More beautiful, Your loving heart
Than ocean depths, than mountain snows
Than all the joys this world bestows

You're beautiful
Oh Love of my life
You are the source of endless pleasures
My joy, and my delight

The way You love disarms my soul
The way Your mysteries unfold
I stand in awe, I long to gaze
On all You are for all my days

Track Name: Sing My Song
Because His love is better than life
And His promises are sure
Because His mercies never will die
And His faithfulness endures

I will sing my song to the Lord God Almighty
Sing my song, sing my song
I will sing my song to the Lord God Almighty
Sing my song, sing my song

Because I called from mire and mud
And He heard my feeble cry
Because He washed me with His blood
And clothed me with His light


Because all things are held in control By Him who made all things
Because He breathed His breath in my soul
And lifts my voice to sing